Carter Reid is a Toronto based Holistic Nutritionist, writer, certified pilates instructor and mother. She is the founder of The Wellnss Practice- a virtual wellness centre and community that aims to empower and mobilize women towards reaching their highest potential by helping them access the power of their mind and create intentional wellness practices to support the most authentic expression of their lives.

How do you manage work/life balance while spending most of you time at home during the pandemic? 

It can be SO hard to manage work life balance when most of our daily activities are in one space! For me, routine has been key. I love waking up early, before my little one, and spend that time recharging my battery. I’ve narrowed down the activities that fill my cup and work for me personally and schedule them in the morning before I start my day. Sticking to that morning routine is KEY! Not every day is perfect, and that’s ok, but having a routine to constantly return back to is grounding. It’s also necessary for me to be honest with myself and my limits- to recognize when I’m running in circles or spinning my wheels, mentally and physically, and to take a break when I’m no longer being productive or serving myself in the best way. The reality is, our mental state is crucial for everything we hope to do and be  in life, and it’s so important to protect it, protect your confidence, protect your motivation, protect your unique energy (the mental space where you feel your best) as best you can! Know what builds it and know what breaks it down. Removing myself from work or from activities that are draining me. Knowing the times of day (or month) I’m most effective and what activities leave me feeling depleted and vulnerable.  

What are your first few morning rituals that help set the tone for the day?

When I first wake up, I hydrate then meditate, usually for 15-20 minutes. Hydration, meditation, and reading are core aspects of my morning routine. I’m obsessed with learning, I do not feel like myself if I’m not learning and stimulating my mind. It launches me into my day and keeps me focused. 

What types of exercise do you do? Are there any specific classes you love and would recommend for people who workout at home?

I love Pilates, HIIT classes and Yoga. Though lately I’ve focused mostly on pilates. Movement is so important and there's no right or wrong method to being active and moving your body. I think it's something that has to feel comfortable for you, still challenging but certainly something you love doing and can build a habit with. Even if it's daily walks and stretches. I love pilates because it focuses on the form and alignment of your body which is so crucial to establish- especially since most of us spend the majority of our day sitting in front of a computer or staring at our phones. These modern activities aren't necessarily the best for optimal alignment of our body. Pilates reinforces this optimal alignment. It’s also so incredible for connecting mind, body and breath. 

How has working as a nutritionist been helpful for you over the past year? 

I love what I do! I love learning about health and wellness and optimizing all aspects of ourselves and our lives. Learning how to navigate life and be my best, then, guiding others and helping them do the same. It’s who I am and what I naturally do, so it’s been so incredible to be able to focus on this full time and continue to evolve personally while doing so. I learn from every client I work with, we’re learning and guiding each other in a really beautiful dynamic way. 

Can you give a few tips for sneaking more nutrition into your daily diet even when you aren’t feeling motivated to cook?

Pancakes and lattes! I sneak sooo many nutrients into my pancakes and my lattes, which is exactly why Tejari is one of my favs! Ashwagandha, coconut butter, protein, reishi, chaga, cacao, mucuna, maca, honey, tocos, astragalus, etc. I sneak them all into different pancake and latte recipes! 

Why do you trust Tejari as your protein blend?

Minimal and quality ingredients. I love that the quality of ingredients are top notch and there’s very few ingredients! Also, when it comes to protein powders, it’s often something people avoid because they tend to be heavy and hard to digest. I love that Tejari uses pea protein, which is high quality protein that’s easily digestible. Also, since there are so many other high performing super foods that are included, it makes the powders incredibly diverse! I use them for baking recipes, smoothies, pancakes, lattes, etc. I also love that my very picky seven year old is able to get some super foods and quality nutrients in his system through Tejari! 


What are some of your favorite Tejari products, and how do you incorporate them into meals or snacks? 

Cacao, vanilla and golden banana are my favorites and are always on hand! I love using cacao and vanilla in lattes and smoothies and the golden banana is a staple in our signature pancakes. I’ve also been loving Apple + Greens in my green smoothies to add some extra flavour and nutrients! 

What is your favorite way to relax after a stressful day?

Reading, with a cup of tea or a latte and some snuggles with my son, Salem. My very happy place :)

We love that you’ve created “The Super List,” a downloadable grocery list featuring your favourite whole and superfoods, organized according to how they benefit your body. Where can readers go to get their own copy?

Yes! Thank you so much! They can download The Super List in one of three places, 1) by visiting, 2) by heading to The Wellnss Practice instagram page and clicking the link in our bio and 3) through the link in my own instagram bio! 

For more from Carter, visit her Instagram @carterreid or her page dedicated to nutrition for mental & cognitive health @thewellnsspractice

January 16, 2021 — Roma Patel

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