ICYMI, online shopping has taken the world by storm. I mean, browsing new products from the comfort of your own home? So much yes. But when it comes to protein powder, hitting “add to cart” feels like a leap of faith. Top-notch reviews, trustworthy ingredients and taking our word for it only goes so far. How do you know which blend makes the most sense for you? Enter: this handy little quiz. We’ll take a look at your lifestyle, meal choices and dietary needs to determine your perfect Tejari superfood protein powder, all in under two minutes or less.

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What’s the main reason you’re looking for a superfood protein powder?

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How do you intend to use the protein powder?

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Which best describes your dietary needs?

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How would you describe your go-to flavor profile?

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One more thing…

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Found: your new BFF. But just like all friendships, we have more than one favorite! That’s why we sorted out your results into three categories—your #1 go-to, your runner-up and a blend that might just surprise you. If you’re new around here, we highly recommend trying your top choice first. Take a look!