We recently collaborated with professional dancer and Sculpt Society instructor Katy Schuele to create a new Tejari blend, Organic Apple + Greens! Katy has been a constant inspiration for us to move our bodies, put our health first and start each day on the right foot. We chatted with Katy to learn more about how she found her way to a professional dance career, why she selected the top ingredients for the Organic Apple + Greens blend, her best workout-motivation tips, plus a little beauty and cooking advice! 

Keep reading to learn more about Katy and our new Tejari Blend

When did you begin dancing?

When I could walk? Haha. My entire life has been filled with movement from a young age. I really could never sit still, I mean who am I kidding, I still can't.  I started my training when I was a toddler and the dancing bug bit me and I was hooked. I moved to the Big Apple from the midwest and set out for my dreams without looking back. I attended Marymount Manhattan College and received my BFA in Modern Dance. Shortly after I started dancing center court at Madison Square Garden as a Knicks City Dancer and my dreams started to really take flight. 


Can you tell us about Sculpt Society? When did you join? 

Working in the fitness industry really went hand in hand with being a professional dancer. To be completely frank, I never really worked out besides dancing before I started teaching in fitness. I would spend hours on end in the dance studio perfecting my craft, that the thought of going to the gym after rehearsal sounded exhausting. After I graduated college, I needed  supplemental work in addition to my budding dance career. Working in the fitness industry was the perfect fit for me. I could continue to stay in shape, build my stamina, and help support women to achieve their fitness goals.

The dance / fitness world is very small, and Megan and I knew each other for a while before she asked me to join The Sculpt Society team. The Sculpt Society has been the perfect fit for me. It is a space where women are encouraged to grow and support one another. A positive and safe environment for women to feel their best and feel amazing in their body. I have been teaching with Megan for about 3 years, but I truly never dread a workout or dread teaching a class. I am having too much fun! 

At The Sculpt Society, we mainly work with our own body weight, (or 2-3 lbs weights) so all our workouts are accessible from anywhere. The Sculpt Society is for the non dancer, with simple follow along moves that anyone at any level will feel confident in doing. Let me just end on my body has never felt stronger and with The Sculpt Society I really feel that my mind, body and soul are all aligned in being my best self. 

How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you’re not feeling up to it?

Not gonna lie, it's so hard! Especially being at home a lot more than usual, it is hard enough to put pants on that have an actual button!  I know when I move my body, even for 10 minutes, I feel so much better and I can start my day on the right foot. Having an accountability partner—or hundreds of people tuning in to take my live Sculpt Society class—helps a ton for me as well. Knowing that you can't back out last minute and that someone is waiting for you to show up, pushes me in the right direction. Let's face it, when have you ever regretted doing a workout or moving your body? Never. 

What role does beauty care play into your overall life? Can you tell us a few of your must-have makeup products?

Oh God, how long do you have?! I am a self diagnosed beauty junkie, and my husband would like to say hoarder of beauty products. I can't ever get enough! Beauty care plays a big role in my life, it is my “me” time.

Let's start with skincare. I have enough lotions and potions to last a lifetime, but they all really do have a purpose, I PROMISE! I have been loving the Tammy Fender “Plant Milk”  Serum and the Pai “The Anthemis” face cream. Both products are clean and all natural and have given my skin the healthy dose of moisture that is needed in the colder months.

Ilia is my current favorite for all things makeup—another clean brand, but really shows up and delivers.  I am obsessed with the True Skin Serum Foundation, the Multi Stick in Lady Bird and the Limitless Lash Mascara. 


What role does nutrition play in your life?

Nutrition plays a large role in my life because it is the fuel my body needs to do my job. If I don't nourish my body in a healthy way, I won't have the energy to teach a Sculpt Society class or take a dance class. My body is my work, and I need to nourish it properly. Especially with being at home a lot more now, I have really enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen for my husband and me. Cooking is a lot more creative than one might think—it's a great destresser for me, too! 

What pre- and post-workout snacks or meals are your go-to?

It really depends on how my body is feeling that day. Most days I workout on an empty stomach, but that is not always the case. I do what feels good that day, and if I wake up extra hungry I will go for something light. (I usually only workout in the morning!) But pretty much without fail, post workout I am always craving a smoothie! I go for something hardy with lots of greens and protein so it will keep me sustained for a while. 

We are so excited to be releasing a limited edition blend with you! Can you tell us about the Tejari Organic Apples + Greens blend?

Words can't begin to describe how excited I am! We have been working on this blend for so long, and it has been so hard to keep this a secret!  I wanted a blend that will give you all the greens you need in a day that tasted really good. Sometimes green protein powders tend to taste flat and chalky, but our Tejari Organic Apples + Greens Blend tastes so bright and creamy — and really tastes amazing! When you nourish yourself with incredible ingredients and foods, it shows through your skin. I have noticed such a glow with my skin after incorporating this blend in my daily routine, and I have noticed such a boost in my energy levels. I just can't wait to share this with everyone so they too can have results like mine :) ! 


Why did you choose these ingredients for your blend

First off, there are only 11 ingredients in this blend. Besides the fact that 11 is my lucky number, Tejari is so good at keeping things simple. Eleven organic (!!!) whole ingredients, no fluff. I wanted to include vitamin-packed leafy greens, antioxidant rich pumpkin, ( hi, glowy skin!)  and anti-inflammatory turmeric (perfect for post workout). It was so important to me to have a blend that does it all without any fuss. Oh, and given the climate, I wanted to add one of the most powerful adaptogens—Ashwagandah—to help combat stress. Plus, it's a natural mood booster!


Why do you choose Tejari over other protein supplements?

I choose Tejari over other protein supplements because it is simple. What you see is what you get. When choosing a protein supplement, I want a brand that stands behind organic, whole ingredients without added ingredients that I can't even pronounce. Tejari has empowered me to make better choices with the food that I nourish my body with and has shown me what a difference that makes on my overall approach to health and wellness. Also the packaging is so chic and looks really good on my kitchen counter ;) 

What is your favorite way to use the Tejari Organic Apple + Greens blend?

I am lame and super boring, but my favorite way to use the blend is in my post workout morning smoothie. It gives me the push to start my day on the right foot. But my New Year's resolution is to become more creative in the kitchen, so stay tuned for how I start using the blend differently in 2021!

What are your tips on incorporating more nutrition into your diet each day?

My tip to incorporate more nutrition into your diet each day is to take each day by day. I think you have to be flexible with yourself and understand that it is okay if one day you didn't have enough greens or ate an extra cookie for dessert. We are all human. I have noticed that by starting my day on the right foot, getting my greens in and feeling strong, I then make better choices for my body later in the day. Every day is a journey and we have to be patient with ourselves and remember to have fun with food! 


How are you starting off 2021 with the right mindset?

2020 was weird. I think we all as a whole are resilient and are ready to put 2020 behind us and move forward to a more positive outlook on life. We have to be appreciative of what is around us and more patient with ourselves. I believe 2021 is going to be a year of growth and empowerment and I am SO ready for that!  **But I will be starting off 2021 with the right mindset and a Tejari X Katy Schuele Organic Apple + Greens smoothie…that always helps ;)

 Ready to get moving? Check out Katy’s Instagram @katyschuele for dance and cardio inspiration, plus a healthy dose of beauty, skincare & fashion!  






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