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Sara Frost, LA plant-based chef

Friend of Tejari since 2021

Tejari is all about using real food, no chemicals, and plant-based protein. I want a clean protein powder that doesn’t act like a supplement. I love that I can seamlessly incorporate Tejari into my diet, and my clients’ diets, without ingesting a bunch of junk; clean, nutrient-packed ingredients that I can use in baking, smoothies and even my savory dishes!”

Carter Reid, Holistic Nutritionist

Friend of Tejari since 2020

I love that the quality of ingredients are top notch and there’s very few ingredients! Also, when it comes to protein powders, it’s often something people avoid because they tend to be heavy and hard to digest. I love that Tejari uses pea protein, which is high-quality protein that’s easily digestible. Also, since there are so many other high performing superfoods that are included, it makes the powders incredibly diverse! I use them for baking recipes, smoothies, pancakes, lattes, etc. I also love that my very picky seven-year-old is able to get some superfoods and quality nutrients in his system through Tejari!

Noreen Wasti, Food Content Creator

Friend of Tejari since 2020

The simplicity of the ingredients is what I love most — no second guessing or analyzing a nutrition label with Tejari. The Tejari Organic Cacao and Greens Blend is my favorite, paired with peanut butter of course. I was pleasantly surprised to see how simple it was to incorporate Tejari into everyday cooking. I try not to overthink it and love to add it into simple cakes and crumbles which I make often.