Facialist Chelsea Hunter Harrison was kind enough to share with us her favorite skincare products, how to use nutrition to glow from the inside out, and which Tejari flavor she sneaks into her day. Take a read!

How did you become interested in skincare, and what led to your desire to become an esthetician?

I really stumbled into skincare. I had acne as a teen and a mix of dry skin and acne as an adult. I was barely taking care of my skin because nothing I ever tried seemed to work. I finally found a routine that worked and it was a bit of an aha moment.

How often would you recommend someone have a facial, and what are the main benefits that it provides (besides a serious dose of relaxation!)

For most people, a monthly facial would be the ideal. You have to do the work at home with a regular skincare routine too, but by adding a facial you can get a really deep clean and then replenish the skin in a way you just can’t without professional products. You’ll see refined pores, softening of fine lines, reduced puffiness, and a glow that can only be achieved with a facial. Another benefit is getting custom advice from a skin expert. Part of what took me so long to figure out my skin routine was that I didn’t totally understand my skin or the products. An esthetician can break it all down for you and save you the heartache (and the money wasted on ineffective products). While monthly facials would be the goal, I think whatever you can do consistently is best. It’s an investment. For someone on a tighter budget I recommend every other month or even seasonally.

Can you walk us through your morning routine and how you get your day started?

I am very much a morning person. I usually wake up early and sneak downstairs to have coffee alone and read until my son and husband wake up. I have to sneak down and read by flashlight to make sure Luc doesn’t wake up and realize I’m already downstairs. Then I continue drinking coffee while we get organized for the day.

How is nutrition entertwined with the way you view the health of your skin? What are some of your favorite foods for great skin?

I’ve always been drawn to the wellness world and love to cook and eat. Just as the highest quality nutrient-dense ingredients are the best for eating, the quality of your skincare products determines how effective they are. And much like nutrition, balance is everything. If you go to extremes, your health will suffer. Your skin is an organ and imbalances internally will be reflected in the health of your skin.. The best nutrition advice for skin is to stay hydrated. Anti inflammatory foods such as cucumber and turmeric are great. Selenium is great for the skin and Brazil nuts are an excellent and delicious source.

What is your favorite Tejari product, and how do you like to use it with your family?

I like the vanilla tejari because it goes with everything. We add it to smoothies, but we also toss it into baked goods and stir it into yogurt.

What are some ways you are able to prioritize nutrition for your family, even on busy days.

We always have lots of healthy options that we can grab quickly if we don’t have time or energy to prepare something. I always have dried fruits and nuts, tejari blends, and fresh fruit around. And I know it’s weird, but my whole family loves beets. We always have jars of pickled beets handy so that we can have produce even if we haven’t been to the store in ages.

Why do you use Tejari? (What does it mean for your family, for making life simpler, etc.)

It’s just such an easy way to add in extra nutrition. My son and I are vegetarians, so I like that I can add some extra protein in. 

If you could only use four skincare products at night, what would they be?

Oooh good question. Four products is actually plenty because the basics of a skincare routine are cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You can always add on toners, serums, oils, and masks. Id maybe choose Biologique Recherche lait u, p50 pigm 400, creme dermopurifiante, and vintners daughter.

What advice can you give to someone who is interested in becoming an esthetician?

I think anyone that’s interested enough in skincare to consider being an esthetician would love it. The only catch is that there is no way around going to school and esthetics schools are miserable (which is a shame because I love to learn!) . It’s an unpleasant hurdle to a great career. So just power through.


March 15, 2021 — Roma Patel

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