Maya Oren is a photographer, cinematographer, and creative director for Mojalvo. We sat down to discuss how she practices slow living, advice for aspiring creatives, the role nutrition plays in her life and her favorite Tejari blends. Keep reading to learn more about Maya!

What does slow living mean to you? How do you practice this every day?

Slow living is living each moment of the day with your deepest intuition engaged. I practice this by not looking at my phone first thing in the morning, and allowing myself to wake up naturally and slowly, with gratitude. In these moments I assess my energy levels and field, and this dictates how my day will be spent. After getting out of bed, I do daily meditation and chanting. I try to compartmentalize my time so that if I’m feeling a lack of energy in the afternoon or morning, I can take some time to move slower (i.e. read a journal or book on the couch, sip a hot beverage, or go for a walk). 

When did you begin your work with photography and videography?

This is a tricky question, because I began photography from the moment I picked up my first camera at 11. I was always a documentarian at heart, and loved noting all of the moments happening in a day. The camera was a natural extension of this love, and I haven’t put it down since. Filmmaking came into my life in college, when I was in Barcelona for a couple of months. I traded in my DSLR for the newer model that had filming capabilities and made some short pieces about Spanish festivals and their tradition of chocolate and churros. They’re really bad haha, but I love looking back at them and seeing how far I’ve come! 

What are your favorite ways to stay active? How does movement influence the style of your work?

Yoga and long walks through and through. I naturally run anxious, and therefore, I seek out activities that will be calming to my system. I’ve been practicing vinyasa and kundalini for several years and they bring me a lot of peace. I also practice meditative movement, which means moving freely to music and letting go of any thoughts, hesitations, fears. Letting your body totally surrender to the moment and the sound current, and allowing it to show you the way. I like to think of it as removing your mind from the equation and seeing what your body wants to tell you. It’s amazing what comes out. Movement influences my style of work in so many ways. I think most importantly, it shows me how to be fluid, and how to go with my intuition. When we allow our bodies to speak to us, we learn so much about our deepest selves. We strip the layers of competition, comparison, and ego, and we create for our highest selves. Isn’t that so beautiful? I allow movement to lead me through my creative process. 

What does living a healthy life look like to you?

Staying grounded, staying centered, being true to your deepest self, your inner child. Nurturing her first and foremost. Listening to what you want and answering those desires. If you want to eat a cookie, eat it. If you need a nap, take it. If you’re not feeling that zoom meeting, cancel it. Always asking myself, “What will serve me and bring me the most joy in this moment?”

Why do you trust Tejari as your go-to protein blend? How does our brand align with your values?

Tejari is great because it has simple, real ingredients. I made a decision many years ago to only eat real food. I limit any processed foods, respecting the vessel I have been given. This aligns deeply with my philosophy on nourishment and nutrition.

How do you like to incorporate Tejari blends into your daily routine?

In the summers, I’m a smoothie junkie. I like to start the day with a variety of different flavors of smoothies, and in the evenings, I always make myself banana freezes. I love adding cacao to this, and the Organic Cacao Blend from Tejari is a perfect addition. 

What is one way you unwind after a stressful day?

Baths! I love taking baths with dead sea salts  to bring me back to my second home (Israel) and to ground me, removing any collected energy from the day. 

Can you give any advice to aspiring creatives who are drawn to photography or visual arts?

Just create. Create, create, create. Whenever the inspiration strikes, answer it, get messy with it, avoid perfectionism and have fun! If it’s not fun, why do it? 

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March 17, 2021 — Roma Patel

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