Meet Kailee Waters. Working with chefs, designers, brands, and her own creative intuition, she creates recipes, makes food, and takes photos of the process from start to finish. We sat down to discuss cooking, recipes & her favorite Tejari blends. 


How are you managing being a full-time student as well as a full-time career in content creation?

Having a full-time job in addition to working freelance with content creation has been a big test on not only my time management skills, but my work ethic and resilience in regards to creativity. Once I worked out the scheduling aspect for how I could fit in everything I enjoy doing, I then, and still, have to relearn the value of rest and going against the grain when need be. We are not meant to work 24/7 and often times our best work comes after we give ourselves a break!


We are so grateful for your dedication to clean brands. When did you start to become passionate on ingredients and quality foods?

Early into college around 4 years ago, my dad started taking his health very seriously after a big scare. Together, we begin cooking and learning the quality of good food and the impact it has on our bodies. Since then, I have become passionate about food sourcing call mom supporting local farms when possible, eating seasonal, and most importantly never putting pressure to eat a certain thing or a certain way when I’m simply not feeling it. Eating well to feel well is so important!


Can you share any tips on capturing food content?

Whenever I get asked about food photography, might go to answer is always start with good, natural light. Natural light is the most pure in terms of bringing out the natural colors of the food & requires much less editing post-process.

Where do you go to for recipe inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration comes from the seasons, The types of food being grown, and using them in a way that feels good. Warm spices, root veg, baked fruit in the fall and winter. Bright herbs like fresh dill, citrus and summer squash in the spring and summer.


What’s your favorite Tejari blend?

My current favorite Tejari blend is easily the Pumpkin Spice. The flavor is unlike any faux-tasting pumpkin spice thing you’ve ever tasted. Naturally sweet, perfectly spiced & the easiest addition to any sweet meal or drink this time of year. Otherwise, the Cacao is a go-to!

TEJARIWhat’s your go-to Tejari Recipe?

The Chocolate Chunk Cookies I made with Tejari Cacao Blend is not only my favorite, but it’s also a hit with all my family and friends. A batch never lasts more than a day around here. Salty, sweet, rich with olive oil & the cacao blend. SO good. 

September 12, 2021 — Roma Patel

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