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Let’s face it…life can be stressful. Factor in the current global pandemic and it’s only natural that feelings of depression, anxiety and fear are at an all-time high. As you and your family stock up on pantry essentials, we’re taking the guess work out of making healthy grocery purchases so you can keep your body and mental health in check.

Diet & mood: How are they connected
Did you know that what you eat can either help – or hinder – your mood? It’s true, and there’s a whole theory based around the relationship between diet and mental health known as the gut-brain axis. It has shown that a diet heavy in pro-inflammatory foods (think fried, high-sugar, or heavily processed foods) is tied to the development of depression and other mental health disorders like anxiety and irritability.

Our grocery list essentials
To fuel your physical and mental health, aim to select frozen and/or shelf-stable products that contain just a few natural and simple ingredients, instead of heavily processed comfort foods that may ultimately leave you feeling worse. A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn’t be eating it in the first place.

Our approach
At Tejari, we believe in eating for prevention over emotional eating. That’s why we strategically source organic, clean, anti-inflammatory ingredients to use in our products. We believe what you eat not only contributes to physical strength and wellness, but also supports mental health, too.


August 07, 2020 — Roma Patel

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